MXS Games

MXS Games

Web 2.5 games studio with a large library of games, L1 blockchain managed by Ava Labs and a sustainable ecosystem powered by in-game ads. Access to billions of players via Google & Apple devices.
TLDR Make gaming FAIR for players. We are an evolution from the current generation of web3 game studios and offer a completely fresh perspective for mass adoption. Our players can play any game, use the same digital assets in multiple games and be rewarded daily for the activities. One click onboarding into 30+ studio games (PC/mobile), invisible web3 & share up to 60% of ad revenue with players. Single utility token ($XSEED) will power the entire ecosystem including gas fees, and purchase currency for NFTs, nodes and merchandise. MetaXSeed Games is a layer 1 blockchain managed by Ava Labs and gaming studio with a large library of mobile, web and PC games that will use blockchain, NFTs, advertising and AI to unleash the next generation of sustainable 'play and earn' games. We want to combine the best of Web2 (fun games, free to play ad-driven model) & Web3 (digital ownership, interoperability, transparency).
Using advertisement as a primary revenue source has two major advantages: [Read more here]
  1. 1.
    Keep all games free attracting a large player base
  2. 2.
    Provide a reliable & consistent revenue stream that can be used to reward players without the need to dilute the token supply
Web2 has over 3.2 billion gamers worldwide with CAGR of 12%. Only 0.09% of gamers have ever been involved in web3 gaming so the conversion potential here is limitless. [Ref]
Web3 gaming sector is projected to grow at a rate of 70% for the next 5 years. [Ref]
We have published a range of games of various genres that are currently being tested on Steam, Google Play and our own web3 games launcher - MetaXSeed Play (PC, Mobile and Web). Taking inspiration from projects such as Gala Games and Immutable X, our objective is to significantly increase token utility, enhance community engagement and create a balanced game-fi economy.

XSeed Token

The primary ecosystem token will be $XSEED which will have a limited supply of 50 billion to match other comparable studios. All games will drive demand for $XSEED. Token holders will have unprecedented utility as they will benefit from being a currency for the game NFTs, in-game advertisement, governance, merchandising and node infrastructure. $XSEED token utilities include:
  • Gas fees for layer 1 blockchain
  • Token utility within out vast library of games
  • Purchase currency for ecosystem NFTs and node licences
  • Purchase currency for in game advertisement injection
  • Purchase currency for ecosystem merchandise
  • Additional game-fi yield via staking, farming and lending
  • DAO governance
For additional details, read the utility page here.

Sector Comparables

We own the entire tech stack which includes the games, blockchain, launcher, marketplace and the monetization features. This will enable value extraction at each level and complete control of player engagement, diversified risk and ensure we are not dependent on third parties for future success. Our ‘low valuation’ and ‘high functionalities’ compare very positively with our primary competitors.
One of the main competitors would be Gala Games, which reached a market cap of $22 billion in 2021. The potential for MetaXSeed Games is clear and it has the capability to be a major player in the web3 gaming industry.
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