MXS Games


Each of the games developed or incubated within the ecosystem will have a set of NFTs for various digital assets such as land, characters, weapons, skins, power-ups, etc. $XSEED holders will get early access to the genesis NFT collections for the games and also benefit from marketplace profit share. NFT sales will provide a long term and sustainable supplementary income in addition to the initial tokens sales of the games.
Being a game studio, the MetaXSeed marketplace will be a hub for game assets transactions for all of our games. This should result in significant transaction revenues generated that can be utilised for many different purposes all designed to benefit the XSEED token holders.
MetaXSeed plan to create a set of 'Out of the Box (OOTB)' solutions & frameworks. These are ready-made programs with sought after functionality to increase productivity and reduce cost. These will be targeted at all game makers and aim to solve common problems introducing standard processes for the entire p2e gaming industry.
Pros of OOTB
  • Most inexpensive software type on the market.
  • Developed based on market analysis and industry needs.
  • Support and constant updates are often included by out of the box.
  • Being a widely used solution, the software might have a huge user-base.
  • Unlike other software types, OOTB needs minimal effort to set up and deploy.
All of these advantages of OOTB means that MetaXSeed will be in a good position to create great partnerships and charge a licence fees for vital infrastructure components that handle security, performance and game-fi.
The mobile gaming sector has undergone significant evolution since its emergence in the late 1990s. Initially, mobile games were rudimentary, consisting mainly of basic puzzle games and straightforward arcade titles. Nevertheless, recent years have witnessed a tremendous surge in mobile gaming popularity, driven by the introduction of potent mobile devices and continuous enhancements in mobile operating systems.
Presently, mobile games constitute a lucrative industry, with certain titles raking in annual revenues amounting to hundreds of millions of dollars. Concurrently, the mobile app game advertising market has expanded in tandem with the growth of the mobile gaming industry.