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Our project roadmap is ambitious but achievable, as it will be executed in stages and is highly flexible. The team has a thorough understanding of how to deliver on the roadmap, which will allow us to overcome any challenges along the way. The stages have been carefully planned to ensure that each one builds upon the previous, leading to a successful outcome. This approach also allows for flexibility, as we can make changes and adjustments as needed. With a dedicated team, clear goals, and a strong understanding of the roadmap, we are confident that we will achieve our ambitious objectives.
2021 - 2023
Studio Games Development
Games on Steam
Games on Google Play
Game Launcher Developed
Ad-Inject Developed
Merch Shop Live
Single Sign On
2024 - H1
Game NFT Sales
Launch Game - Op Satoshi
Blockchain Mainnet
Staking Live
AI Beta Testing
Launch Game - Seeker
2024 - H2
NFT Marketplace Live
Ad-Inject Live
Launch Game - Shadow Syndicate
Partner Game Publishing
AI Feature Integrations
Launch Game -Jungle Fever
NFT Merch
Launch Game - Odins Ring
Launch Game - Age of Dragons
DEX Game Services
Launch Game - XSpace
Launch Game - Block Football
Launch Game - X-Speed
Launch Game - Defend the Base
AI Game Development